Faith Church of Sellersville | Kids
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Our Vision


We want children to grow in the knowledge of God so that they love God more and desire to remain life-long followers of Jesus Christ. Faith Kids exists to assist the family by reaching kids with the gospel and helping children become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to Win kids to Christ and grow them spiritually.

Children’s Church


The children have their own special time during the church service. Broken into groups according to age, these kids have an excellent time learning Biblical truths through innovative games and lessons.

Sunday School


As parents split into various classrooms, so do the youth at Faith! Biblical knowledge & truths are always strongly emphasized. Learning these basic values, as presented by our exceptional teachers, is what makes Sunday school at Faith exciting & intriguing.

Faith Kids Eight Values


1. Safe (Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally)
2. God-centered
3. Family focused (parental communication & involvement)
4. Relational (teachers & children)
5. Relevant and application oriented teaching
6. Evangelistic
7. Service oriented
8. Fun!!!

Simple Purpose – 3 Ls


Learn all about God
Love God more
Live for God every day

The “HOW” of Faith Kids

Used as a filter for decisions.



We believe that safety and security is one of a child’s highest needs. They cannot learn well in an environment where they are afraid and don’t feel safe emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

God Centered


We strive to create program environments that children love and parents trust, but ultimately those environments must honor and nurture one towards a personal relationship with God.

Relevant Bible Teaching


We desire to capture both the child’s mind and heart. We value teaching the Bible in culturally relevant and innovative ways that is age appropriate.

Parent Connected


We hope parents will desire to know what is being taught in Faith Kids and grasp how they can solidify the Biblical truth in their children’s lives.


We desire kids to have a passion for sharing their faith in Jesus. We teach and model that Christ’s free gift is to be shared with other kids who don’t know about Jesus.



We want to offer a place where kids can love and be loved, know and be known, serve and be served. Each child will be individually treasured and valued.


Most kids will come back willingly if Faith Kids has a dynamic element of fun. It will make it easier for our 6th value as well. This is a high value because children are more motivated to learn in a controlled, fun-filled environment. Let’s face it, adults will be more motivated to learn and serve with the kids too!