Faith Church of Sellersville | Youth
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Our Vision


Our vision is that you would be passionate about going both deep and wide in your faith. By that we mean that you would have a passion to know in a deep and intimate way the creator Jesus Christ, that you would glory in the cross making Jesus your treasure and the ultimate pursuit of your life.

From that we desire for you to take the Gospel of Jesus to your world, that you would minister and share the Gospel in your schools, communities, workplaces, and homes. We desire for you to take your love for Christ into this culture, not to shelter you from the culture, but rather to invade the culture we were called to live in with the love and message of Jesus Christ. This ministry under the leadership of Pastor Doug Gardner will challenge you to be passionate in your faith.

Guiding Principles

1. Consistent small group Bible study
2. Expository preaching from God’s word
3. Inter-generational connectedness within the church
4. Various ministry/outreach opportunities for teens and parents
5. One on one relational ministry providing accountability
6. Energized and focused worship services for teens and parents
7. Leadership development
8. Provide a framework for teaching teens to own and live their faith