Faith Church of Sellersville | Pastor Paul Perreault
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Pastor Paul Perreault

old-testament-faith-at-sellersville2 I have had several conversations lately with people who shy away from reading and studying the Old Testament. They feel that it is antiquated and difficult to understand for daily living. Comments have been made like: I like Genesis, Psalm, and Proverbs, but I don't read the rest of it; I just understand the N.T. and it connects more with my life; the O.T. is a bunch of stories and the N.T. is about Jesus and our Church.  I know from my seminary days that even many of my classmates loved the Greek language over the Hebrew, and so most of their time now is spent studying and preaching the N.T.   I want to ask you to pick up your Bible and put the Old Testament in your left hand and your New Testament in your right.  Yes, the message of the birth, life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension found in your right hand is wonderful, powerful and life changing.  But let me tell you, as you explore the Old Testament in light of its central message your whole Bible can come to life with new meaning and understanding. In my next several blogs I'm going to attempt to direct those who question the relevance, use, and meaning of the Old Testament to the central message of the O.T.  Today I want to start our exploration of the central message found in the O.T.